Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Due December 2012

After feeling like someone is missing at every family prayer and counting our children over and over in public and always feeling like someone is missing, we are finally pregnant!  We are all so excited to have a Christmas baby!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Recent Family Photos

Pine Wood Derby

Markham makes a Goomba Pillow Pet

Markham the Domino master

Noah practicing hard

Grandma gets a pic of Sam and Mickey

James - when will you learn to play "going back to Cali"?


Zions Part 2

View from the Garden Restaurant after James' first Temple Trip

James chillin at the "Garden" 

Lane and Eileen made it for this special day

The kids admiring Dad's Scout Badges

Mom surprised Glen with this Plaque of Scouting

Glen's Layover in Paris 

Outside the Louvre

The Eiffel Tower - even grander than expected 

Volleyball Dudes

The boys finished there volleyball season at 5-2, and took first place playing against the 7th-9th graders. Here is a little video on some of the footage...

New Water Heater

Glen put in a new 50 Gallon water heater. We survived off one for several
years when the second one broke down, but now that the boys are getting
older and more people using the hot water in the morning, it was time to
add some more capacity.

Super Dunks Video by the Boys

Here is the Super Dunks video... (different than the trailer).

The boys
made this Super Dunks video (Trailer) last week.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coronado Island Trip

The group at the park.
San Diego Zoo Entrance
The Coranodo Beach House
Settler's of Catan
Football anyone?
Mission Bay
Chillin at the Zoo with Lor
Flame Thrower
The fam at the zoo
Noah and the Aircraft Carrier
Sea Port Village
Who needs Mickey when you got this dude?
The cousins having fun.
Flame Thrower also swallows Swords

Santa is the man
Guess who?
Cool Elephant
What a good looking group
How romantic!
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